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User Defined Colors Based on Defined Classes and ID's


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I'm willing to pay for a plugin or app that allows users to set their own colors based on the classes and ID's you grant them.

In the ACP you define the classes and ID's that members can change the colors to. For example, if you set  ".ipsWidget_title", then members in Account Settings can choose a custom color for it. To make it user-friendly, the members just need to add in the hex values, no need the "#".


  • Unlimited number of classes and/or ID's that can be set in the ACP
  • Assign/restrict member groups from using this feature
  • Assign/restrict individual members from using this feature (not necessary but nice to have)
  • Assign/restrict the member groups that can use the class or ID (not necessary but nice to have)
  • Choose/restrict themes that members can customize
  • Reset themes to their original state (remove all member customizations in a global ACP setting)


How much would something like this cost and how long (ETA) will it take to complete?

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