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Change page parameter back to /page= from new /?page=

Frank S. Hagan

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Quite a few of my members bookmarked specific pages of my forums, and the URL is now different. Here's an example from 3.x:


It is now: 


Is there a way to revert to the old method so their links will work?


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Well, so far I have this in my .htaccess file in the forum root:

RewriteRule ^/(.*)/page-(.*)$ /$1?page==2

This rewrites the url:


to the new version:


However, for any double digit page numbers it does not work. 

/page-15 will rewrite to /?page=1 (all page numbers from 10 to 19 drop the second number)

/page-26 will rewrite to /?page=2 (all page numbers from 20 to 29 drop the second number too). 

Any help on this one? 


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