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FTP Details for updater


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please add support for adding a private key on the automatic uploader of updates to authorized through sftp on the servers.
I've recently switched all my servers from passwords to authorized keys and was just surprised missing that option on the updater. It would hurt to permit password authentification only because the forum.
It's not a mandatory thing, only nice to have. I basically haven't an issue to do that manually. But as we are just programmers in the end we like automated processes where you do not need to touch anything.


Aside, I'm wondering if the FTP details are really necessary. What is the reason having the php-curl & php-zip extension available when the updater is not able to use it? Or are there any cases where it does not make sense to use it?



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FTP ensures that files can actually write to the filesystem without having to be made writable via CHMOD permissions.

While some servers that run things like SuPHP won't have a problem (and, in those cases, the auto upgrader will not ask for FTP details), some other servers will which is where FTP comes into play.

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