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Change creation data "Pages" article


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We have a lot of tutorials created with pages. We update and renew this tutorials when a product is changed.

The creation date stays the same of the edited page.

Example: We create a tutorials how to change background for Windows 7. We renew this to Windows 8 and then Windows 10. But the creation date stays on 01-01-2007. When a user search on Google how to change a background it shows a page created on 2007. 

How can we change this? Can we modify the creation date on a easy way?



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Change your template to show the last edited date instead of the create date.   Even if you make the label for it "create", you want to display the edit date.  (The create date is correct.  It was CREATED back then.  You instead want to show when it was last EDITED.)


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25 minutes ago, opentype said:

Same procedure. You just open the “block template” section in the template manager and find the SuperGrid block template in this case.

Thank you.

Im opening:

Pages --> Templates 
HTML --> Block Plugin templates --> Supergrid
But i cant find $record->editLine

Could you please help me out? :)


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