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Looking for IPS Programmer


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Im currenty running an arma 3 milsum unit (for thoes who dont know what arma 3 is, its a video game).


And what im looking for is a backend panel that people with a certain group on the forum what have access to, The idea I have is that a popup would force people if they have not already to link their profile with their steam account and from their be able to pull their SteamID from the current IPS Database and insert that into another database.

In this database would be have tables for all the types of training a person would complete and also their rank as a nurmercical value going from 1-13 and other tables for training people may or may not have completed. anything they have compelted would be avaliable but anything they have not yet completed would be unabliable for them to use. I have added a WIP we are creating so you get an idea of how the base COULD look.




Would ideally like a someone can bring other ideas to this project and put some input into the finished project and add features they feel would be of benfit.


Please send me a PM if you're interested.

Thanks for listening and hope to work with you soon!

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