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After withdrawal money from account, is a receipt generated?


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With IP.commerce and downloads, you can earn money as a file submitter.

My question is: is there any official receipt generated when anybody requests a payout and money is transferred?

I would need a receipt that is valid for tax authorities:

  • receipt requires a special title (maybe translation via language DB could help)
  • receipt requires a unique, chronologically created receipt number
  • adress of money receiver and sender
  • date
  • some special text about the payment
  • maybe integration of tax numbers
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2 hours ago, Cyboman said:

Nobody uses paid downloads with contributor withdrawals?

I'm asking if a receipt / any transaction invoice is generated when a user is requesting withdrawals and is paid.

Anyone please confirm if possible and how it looks like, Thx

we as contributor don't get a receipt but maybe IPS member staff deals this side could answer question because its them that pay us

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