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I would like to ask the development team to make a change in regards to ignored members posts, status etc. Would it be possible to not display anything related to ignored members, such as notices in the topic stating that 'You have chosen to ignore' message. This kind of defeats the purpose of the whole point of putting someone on ignore.

I generally give advice to my members to put people on ignore if they feel that they are being targetted by trolls, however, I was unaware that they could still see notices of ignored users posts and this has caused some friction between some of my members.

Please change this so when members are placed on an ignore list, they are completely invisible to the person placing them on ignore.


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Further inspiration should be taken from Facebook (not Twitter).

There should be a ignore settings and a block, ignore you can still read and blocking totally makes that member disappear to the person who feels annoyed. I've seen two people leave one of my sites because they couldn't avoid temptation from reading the other persons views that they didn't like. It's all rather difficult!

Though I agree more improvements are required.

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