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1 hour ago, Jelly Belly™ said:

thanks, i know about that

but in ip3 you used to be able to set the session time for users who hadn't logged out

I'm not sure, I think there's still a setting to determine the length it expires or there's a way to do it by adding a line of code to your config file.

I'll have a look into this and get back to you.

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2 hours ago, Jelly Belly™ said:

thanks, that would be great

I'm sorry, I can't find any settings in the ACP and I just checked my config file nothing stands out.

My user sessions are cut off after 30 minutes, so if someone comes on for a minute they show for 30 but this may be related to the fact I had it this way before - despite swearing I has asked someone about it when upgrading to 4.1

I wished I could help (though I find anything out at a later date I will let you know).

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