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Data list items not deleting on uninstall


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Why do field list items from uninstalled apps not delete once the app has been uninstalled? I went browsing through my core_member database and there's tons and tons of field list items from applications previously uninstalled and from applications uninstalled years ago. Is this and issue with just my distribution or do they not actually delete?

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10 hours ago, Daniel F said:

Were the data from IPS or 3rd party apps?

3rd parties.

9 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

You probably had resources in IP.Board 3.4.X that added columns to your tables and they weren't updated/uninstalled, so those columns remain in your tables.

Perhaps possible but one of them seems recent as it was chatbox by bim. I'll investigate further was just inquiring the default protocol for uninstalling 3rd party apps.

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