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Add new custom Moderator action in pop up ? (plugin request)


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We need move topics frequently to certain , same, sections. 

I would like to be able to  add to the moderator button, 

a default custom "order" for it to follow.


I would like, a plugin, that would make it possible for me to add 

underneath Move 

a new button :    "Move to X "    possibility, which would  be   set     depending on admin needs. 

Personally i d like 2:

Move to X (no redirect)

Move to Y (no redirect) 

for moves that would be done often and daily by an admin this would be a time saver 

thank you!

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As @Daniel F and @Adriano Faria said, saved actions can save you and your team a lot of time as you can configure saved actions to run multiple tasks at once. For example you can lock/unlock, pin/unpin, hide/unhide, modify prefix and suffix, change tags (Or Prefixes) and leave a reply with one click.

For events not supported with saved actions I recommend getting and using Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile. This will allow you to trigger special events if that's copying the thread to a new location, sending a member a private message when their topic is moved or moderated, moving a user to a new group or even mass banning.

I should mention that out of the box, Automation Rules and saved actions do not communicate with each other so a work around I've adapted is to create a saved action that leaves a reply in the current thread with a sentence (Rather a command) such as: #Move, #Ban and #Warn. With those set you can configure a custom rule to listen for those inputs as a string value that then can execute your custom rules(s). After the fact your command will still be visible as a post so be sure to include a custom rule that deletes said post.

I hope this information was useful!

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