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Approval Queue Feedback


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I think there's scope for some major improvements in the way the approval queue works. What I'd like to see:

1) Show us all items of one type at a time, and let us deal with these en masse - 'hide - delete - approve - ignore' checkboxes, then one submit button would be ideal. The current system of waiting for a reload in between each item seems ill thought out at best. It also means we can see at a glance what's going on - if I can see there's 20 spam topics from one account, I can flag as spammer, if it's from 20 different accounts I need to see if I can do some email / IP banning. That's easier to do when you can see everything at once.
2) When we flag a user as spammer from the approval queue, we don't want to land on that user's profile. We want to land back on the queue, with that user's content already gone.
3) Ideally - integrate this with Activity Streams, which are already pretty good and doing most of what we need. Give those with permissions an 'unapproved content' filter (is that already possible?), put the necessary controls in, and reduce the number of different sections people have to visit.

Any other thoughts? I get the feeling the approvals process is a bit unloved - fair enough, it's an obscure part of the UI which not many people use. But the less time mods spend doing that job, the more they can spend on others. 

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Also, you're already showing us what forum / section something is posted in - can we have a drop down menu there so we can move stuff inline - maybe shift a topic to a different forum, split a post to become a new topic...

Also, if a member of staff could just click a like button so I know you're out there...

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