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What Cache Rules for a CDN with IPS?

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I added a CDN option to my dedicated server, like Cloudflare. I will use a DNS offered by my web host. As a cloudfare, but more suited to my need. And most importantly, I can handle what needs to be cached.

I need to define cache rules.

What extensions or files can I cache?

All the "uploads" folder? 

Extensions in .ccs and .js?

What can I create as cache rules please?

Sincerly, Théo.

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Cloudflare caches all static files like images,css and so on without setting anything.

It is automated !

You may need to test some optimization options like minify html,css,js by setting the related settings to ON.

Only rocket loader seems to not play well at least most of the times for IPB so you may need to avoid this....

You don't need to specify any folder for Cloudflare to start caching from it.


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