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Who Was Online

Pete T

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Is there a way to make it so upon each application update it does not reset the value of how many members were online.  

I just updated our member map application and it reset the number of how many was online to the current value.  I had noticed this with the core upgrades which is a pain but I kind of understand but even 3rd party applications? 

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20 minutes ago, Pete T said:

all this is on it way once get my dev site fixed but i can provide simple fixes for and it still works for 4.2.x 

i plan doing fresh install my localhost today and rebuild all apps/plugins from start to finish from fresh as when use my own dev files keep hitting a bug then gets fixed and then new bug returns making it hard do any upgrading on files.

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1 hour ago, Marius said:

@Pete T,

There is a need for a cosmetic look, there is no space for the edge. Some CSS padding to generate space around content.

Thank you

I have added the following line to custom.css and it helped. Thanks to @ehren. for the info ;)

.ipsWidget[data-blockid*="whowasonline"] .ipsWidget_inner{ padding: 10px; }


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4 hours ago, Pete T said:

I like few people test the new 4.2.x version of Who Was Online see if works as made updates that feel it needed once had good few people and all bugs fixed if any will be uploaded as new file and will not be able update using upload new version.

Happy to test for you

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