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How do we add a nice footer?


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2 minutes ago, Meddysong said:

You'd have to code it, Karen. You'd do it by editing customization > themes > pencil icon of relevant theme, then editing the template file footer.

uh oh  I had alook at that little lot... not for me lol

....  i had a look in marketplace in case anyone made a footer ... that would be helpful

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45 minutes ago, SammyS said:


Thats not the TAMAN we all know and love lol

Just kidding


gotta remove the footer from magnum theme first and then the theme must be reinstalled completely on your side because using the "upload a new version" doesnt work. so yea maybe so, maybe not, but %90 yes haha, I want to make it separated so i can add multiple rows and multiple columns with many more features like adding members like staff, articles, gallery images maybe...

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20 hours ago, sweethoney said:

y not just make your own footer instead of using some one else that way you can put the way you want

hello sweethoney! 

I would love to make one too but i think its too advanced....  I am not a coder. I also need someone to make it for me, except if you have something somewhere ready that i could give to my it admins which they would put into the templates.    I saw another website featured here somewhere the watchforum http://www.thewatchforum.co.uk/, that also had a very nice footer.  I will find its admin who is here somewhere and ask him. 

back at vbulletin, i had made changes to templates but only with full directions that included some kind of picture of exactly what, exactly where, 

so I am not comfortable doing this in a new environment without easy directions that are foolproof :-)       

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