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Cloudflare breaking template

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Hoping someone can help me narrow this down. There is a feature in cloudflare that is breaking the templates on my site. I've turned a few things off but don't want to risk messing around without any ideas while the site is up.

Here's what it looks like broken (I turned off all minify and cleared cache) and now it's back to normal.


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19 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

Have you seen any errors in your browser console?

From my experience from the support tickets it's usually the cloudfront rocket loader which makes troubles, but it breaks javascript and not the theme.

Let me try turning on a few things on by one (I'll avoid anything that involves JS) and get back to you if I see it happen again.

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7 hours ago, Joel R said:

Is your community for International Baccalaureate? I went through the program in high school.  

Yes it is! I don't actively do much on the site but I make sure it's up to date and saving as many students as possible from the IB!

Thanks all for the help. Everything running fine now and I'll avoid touching anything that messes with JS.

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