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Image resizing in attachments select.


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Here is example:


First two images are big. So they "cover" state is well. But last three images is very small. See them:


So they view is bad (and in post creating this view is bad too):



Can you change layout from background-image to <img> tag? For tag we can set max-width: 100% and max-height: 100% and result will be as "contain", but with empty lines on some side.. But I think this is better, than bad resize of little. Or you can create you better solution)


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And any chance to fix this..?


We add:

.cPost .cPost_contentWrap { overflow: hidden; }

to fix them. But it no good solution. Anybody can write

position: absolute;
left: 0;
top: 0;
width: 10000px;
height: 10000px;
z-index: 50000;

and broke any page with this comment



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I feel like this situation is an exception as opposed to the rule. I am not sure IPB should manage to the exception. Most people are not going to upload icon sized images. In my case even if someone did I like that the thumbnails are uniform in size creating a consistent looking layout even if it is at the expense of a stretched poorly rendered image.

However, the big red bar out of the boundary of the forum layout should be fixed. :)

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The fix for the red bar is to not allow HTML AND pasting styled content. If you allow any of these options, there will always be a way to break the layout. It’s just how HTML works.

You can’t just strip all width statements for example. That would also remove width statements that are useful/needed. You also can’t limit the width statement to say below 300 pixels to fix this. Then I just paste a row of elements like that to break the layout. 

People could also flood your forums with nonsense text if they wanted to – or they can insert unwanted styling. A forum has moderators to deal with that. 

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