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Users being redirected to the wrong folder after loggin in


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I am hoping someone else has already run into this problem and maybe has a workaround or possible solution.


My IPS is installed in a sub folder and all I am trying to do is have a simple link in the root of the site to the basic “login” screen in the sub folder.


Sounds, easy enough right? Publish a link under www.example.com to www.example.com/forums/login/ and everything should work, right?


Nope. Because after they login they are redirected back to www.example.com instead of being taken to the default page for the forum.


Now, if they are coming from a link outside of the domain – all works great and they are not redirected to the root.


I contacted support and they said just turn-off guest access and it will work. Which is fine for me as I do want a members only forum. But, I have the eCommerce module to sell / manage memberships and it does not work right with guest access turned totally off.


So, here’s where I am…


I can’t put a simple link in the root of my site to my IPS installation, without users being redirected back to the root of the site after entering their credentials (appearing to them that they were not logged in).




If I turn guest access off to fix this, users cannot complete the check out process to purchase a membership because they are prompted to login during checkout. They can see the store with guest access off and pick a subscription… they just can’t check out without being prompted for credentials.


Both of these issues I am told are “by design” and support has referred me to “the community” as they can’t help. Sadly, I think they have made the point loud and clear for “open-source” software.


What a pain, right?


I have never seen such a fundamental thing not work, like a simple link. I am hoping someone out there has already faced this and can offer a solution or possible workaround.

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