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Customize IP Download File Storage Extension


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Long story short, I purchased a QNAP NAS....and it has the ability to backup my IPB Suite. I have a cron job that backs up the databases and pipes them down to my NAS. My community is over 230GB in size. Without my IPB Downloads my community is 8GB. I could very easily set up my QNAP to backup my flat files on a weekly schedule. However the IP Downloads folder I would set up to be a continuous sync. The issue I am running into at the moment is excluding the IP Downloads directory from the flat files. I was hoping that .IPB was only used in the Downloads directory, but it is not. If I could set the file extension myself, I could then exclude that type of file from being brought down on the weekly backups.

The only other option is to move the IP Downloads directory out of the public_html directory, but every time I have tried that on 3.x it has issues. Maybe 4.x has this fixed.

Anyways, if anyone is looking for a great way to backup their community on a schedule.....the QNAP NAS units are fantastic!


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