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Let members to close their own topics


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On 1/7/2017 at 5:12 AM, janou said:


We migrated from IPB3 to IPB4 and we are a bit lost to find some configuration option. Is it possible to let our community members the ability to close the topics they created?


As far as I'm aware in IPS Vanilla, the function to close / lock topics is only available to Moderators.

The only item I could find in the IPS Marketplace was for private messages:



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2 minutes ago, sweethoney said:

well what ever but ips and Facebook  is two different software i don't think ips should add this option and if you want to add than that's your business ahah

If it is two different softwares then why would you quote

15 minutes ago, sweethoney said:

would Facebook let there members do this i don't think so


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