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Captain Ginns

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   I went there and saw all the images that have ever been posted.  What I'm looking for is the folder where the Message board gets it's basic graphics from to use. 


Example: the paperclip.  In 3.4 I could go to the style-images/master folder and change the paperclip graphic.  Or other graphics that are used by the message board around the basic template. 

  I hope I am articulating my question correctly.  Thanks.

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No. Once more: its a font with vector graphics as characters of the font, called and styled through HTML/CSS. If you want to change a graphic, you can change the HTML in the template to call a different character in that font or you need to replace the whole part which even calls the font and call a bitmap image instead. But there is no such image yet, which you can just replace. There is also no green pin. That color is just CSS styling.

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Well, I tried, but two months I still don't get it.  I want to replace the "Default Tag"...picture below, with a different "Tag" graphic shown below also...the little orange airplane button. .  How do I do that?


Thanks in advance for the help.


This is the left pointing arrow set as default.  The red arrows point to it.  I'm OK with the words on the arrow, but I want to change the black arrow graphic.


Defaukt Tag.png



Orange Airplane below.



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