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Plugin to show ads per forum id


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Hello can someone make a paid or free plugin that will make it possible 

to enter forum-id  (at the advertisement section of cp) for specific advertisements to show in specific forums 


with the options to negatively target i.e. Show everywhere BUT  this forum id

 when you create a new ad you d just check between

a) show everywhere in the forum 

b) show only in....id

c) show everywhere except ...id

@newbie LAC wouldnt that go with your other plugins (show ad per post /topic) ? :-)

Am willing to pay and definately others will want it too! 

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1 hour ago, MeMaBlue said:

that soon  ill be able to use that extra feature once you upload it ??? 

Yes. But the setting limited.

You want

16 hours ago, MeMaBlue said:

a) show everywhere in the forum 

b) show only in....id

c) show everywhere except ...id

You get "Show in"

Maybe in future I'll add "Revert checkbox"

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 @newbie LAC question - if you choose same placement 

for example 

banner a     appear after post 5 

banner b   appear after post 5 in forumid 86 

which banner do you think will b shown?   or will both be shown? 

this is important because it means  you cant target the same placement 

i.e.  if you have 

banner showing  (like us)    

after first, 

after  5 th post

after 12th post 

you must choose  a placement   in between,  if you want to target something only   at specific forum id. 

this will lead to more banners at those forums and somehow not be so practical.

so the best would be if the banner b,   will automatically take over  

or if you really add the revert checkbox  at the same move perhaps? 

am willing to pay a little bit for this extra to help you get going 

infact i think this feature only would make your plugin much much  more valuable...

 (if you take a look how many people need and want it from other topics similar to mine)



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