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While it is possible to create group blogs on the AdminCP side of things, I think group blogs need a bit of work.

First of all, if you create a group blog, the title page of the blog reads "a group blog by" without any indicator of which group the blog is for (EDIT: I figured out that you can enter the owner name in this space, but perhaps it could be made a bit more obvious?).

Second, there seems to be no way to control permissions for group blogs.  Can we not make group blogs that are visible only to members of that group?  It doesn't seem so. Any posts made in a group Blog are visible to everyone, when there should be the option to make a group blog visible only to members of that group, no?


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I checked again, and sadly the only way to accomplish anything like this would be to make the blog Private and add each and every member of a Group manually.

I also wonder if it wouldn't be worthwhile to add some microcontrol over permissions, i.e. to be able to make a blog visible only to a group (or groups), but also add individuals who for some reason might be allowed/entitled to read it?  It would save having to add said person to another group, which may give the individual other privileges you don't want them to have aside from reading the blog.

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Is there a way to limit members to be able to create entries in a blog, not create their own new blogs?

For example, I'd like to create a GROUP blog, like IPS NEWS for example, and have specific member groups (like staff) contribute their entries to this Blog only.

It seems that in order for a member group to be able to create Blog entries their permissions must also allow them to create new blogs.

Is this correct?

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