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Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]


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10 hours ago, TAMAN said:


have you uploaded any new editor skins? if so then please disable the theme editor customizations 


if not then make sure to use the default option in custom tab


Well that was easy. Truthfully I didnt even see the option to change the editor colors. Thanks for that!

mmm it doesnt happen on my side can you provide a link so i can check?

Absolutely. It happens on my test site, and production site with different resolutions. One common theme is people who hook their computer up to a 4K TV. If you'd like a login to the back end of the site, let me know and I'll set one up for you.

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On 11/9/2017 at 6:42 AM, joshuaj said:

Hi Taman,

I'm working with someone who has this theme. We are trying to figure out how to show the slider only on the homepage. I've checked the theme settings and see where you can exclude it from "pages", but it removes it from the home page as well.

Thats because your homepage is "Pages" and you are excluding it from pages

1 hour ago, President Evil said:



Can you please show me how to edit the theme so Sign in with Steam is the only registration method? I want my new registrations to only sign in with Steam, but existing accounts can login with the either steam or ips default.


Sorry, this has nothing to do with themes, you should ask in a separated topic

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22 hours ago, SardiniaNET said:

Hello @TAMAN Stunning theme indeed! We used it for HeroQuest Italian Forum

Unfortunately after completing the connection with Facebook for login and registration, in the registration page the Facebook login block is out of screen.

Can someone help me?

I have the 4.1.1 version.

I cant see any issues on registration page in my side 

A screenshot maybe?

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1 hour ago, Adlago said:


For me from FF is OK, but Chrome ...

PP. The issue is not in a browser but in a language pack - when there is an 'Italian' have issue

Thank you @Adlago


@SardiniaNET I just tested the default IPS theme with Italian language and same issue happens, its due to the login handler column dev added between a <strong> tag when switching to italian language.

I already asked to check if same thing happens on default ips theme which you said no, but it does happen there, its just the background colors and the login box have same colors on default theme and you cant see the issue, you should contact the italian language pack provider to fix :) 


I can provide a quick css solution 

Add this in custom.css

[data-role="registerForm"] .ipsColumns>strong{
	display: table-cell;
    position: relative;
    vertical-align: top;
    padding: 0 7px;
    width: 280px;


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Just now, SardiniaNET said:

ehm.. where I have to add this code? :sweat:

Add it in custom.css




Just now, SardiniaNET said:

1.The IPS  4.2.7 is available. The theme is Okay with this version?

Yes it is compatible.

All of my themes are compatible with almost all ips updates because only two templates are customized, and i usually update the themes same day its not compatible.

Just now, SardiniaNET said:

2. How I can change the backgrpund color of emoticon panel?

Its connected with some other menus 

but if you only want to change the emoticons panel background then add this to custom.css and change the color value


.ipsMenu[data-controller="core.global.editor.emoticons"] {
    background-color: cadetblue;






Edited by TAMAN
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On 12/18/2017 at 10:59 AM, joshuaj said:

Shame. Thanks for the reply.

It is possible using a custom tenplate and CSS !important element on those pages.


        display: none!important;


Just include this at the top of the template.

Edited by Lord Nowe
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Just now, SardiniaNET said:

Sorry @TAMAN... Page Management > Templates?
My CSS list is empty...

I have provided screenshots on how to open custom.css above. :) 

Pages templates has nothing to do with this, custom.css is a theme CSS template you can use it for your manual customization's 

to open custom.css you need to go to Admin Control Panel > Customization > Themes 

and then follow these two screenshots below 




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