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Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

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4 hours ago, darth12 said:

We can't see some of the forum titles when going to move a post




Have you checked if its same by default without any of your color customizations?


Also, the color settings for that located Forms & Toggles tab under the names like

SelectTree font... select tree background...etc

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I have a question on an issue I am facing since a couple of Behemoth updates ago. The then available header image was removed but one can steer around the lack of by creating a slide in the slider.

Here's my issue. I have slide 1,2,4 for example displayed to groups A. Once signed in only slide 3 is seen to groups B. The problem is that slide 3 slides or rotates to itself. So all signed in members of groups B are reading it is distracting by sliding to nothing more than another view of itself. Is there a way or modifications that can be performed that since there is only one slide 3 appearing to groups B that it will remain static and not distract by sliding? And at the same time allow for the sliding action of the slider for slides 1, 2, 4 of groups A?

I'd like to have the option that if one slide exists than the slide should not rotate in front of group B.

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 Hello, Hello,

Sorry for the delay.


Sorry, the autoplay is global it can only be turned off/on and it cant be mixed with the slider permssions, like for example turning it off for one slider .


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