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How do you switch "Display Name History" on?

Simon Woods

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I've looked on this site for information about this but apart from the news post there isn't anything I can find via search: 

The language used here makes me think that this feature is simply always on until you apply the group setting. However, it is not working on my site:


This account has numerous name changes and they all appear in the ACP. I've tried it with the default theme and it doesn't work on there either. Is there a setting that I am missing?

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Just now, Nathan Explosion said:

Group setting, social tab:

"Can view Display Name History"

Yep, I did that, for both groups that my account is in. That's the confusing part since the feature has been set up nicely with just one switch needed to change it; I have yet to see this kind of default feature just not work in this way.

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