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looooong links, its this normal? (migration after vb 3.8)


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2 hours ago, MeMaBlue said:

hello opentype, i have opened a ticket and according to the support, its not normal, because all the previous links are still working despite the enabling of the friendly urls . 

our stats are still that low/bad, so , I am consulting now a google partner/seo analylist and we are trying to figure out what is technically wrong.  

I checked a few of the old URLs and they forward to the right friendly URL page and deliver a “301 MOVED PERMANENTLY” HTTP Header, which is what needs to be done. So nothing is wrong regarding how the IPS software handles the change. 

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@opentype yes   this is why i mentioned that i am getting help regarding how to handle  my problem from a seo specialist and not via  IPS.  The drop in traffic is not normal for after enabling friendly url, and as it looks does not have to do with it, and maybe something else occured in the same time frame , and i am letting someone figure that out. 

 maybe what happened to my site could happen to someone else after migration/ so i will report here when i know more, what the cause for that change is.    just wanted to clarify that here, to avoid  misinformation.  

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