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Is there any way I can download(?) changed settings?


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My forum is running on Amazon AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

But as you know when you update, you usually deploy the whole local project files as one big file.

So, when I change settings on the server(EB), the changes are lost when I deploy a new version.

So if it is possible, I would like to kinda download the changed settings(?) to also apply the changes to my local settings.

Or if there's any other way please let me know.

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I am looking into possibly running IPB with elastic beanstalk. Aren't setting all store in DB for IPB other than the constants file.  I can see the need to download the whole directory after any update or new app/plugin install and make it available during the next roll out.


Are you utilizing EFS for common file storage and autoscaling?



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Yes, settings are stored in both the database and constants.php file. Additionally, there's conf_global.php.

Things like plugins, applications, themes, and the like are stored on the file system, and images and other uploaded content are based on your file storage settings.

This is a fun adventure to be on! 🙂

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