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Retrieve topic information after its creation via Post API


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I was using classPost.php with IPS 3. After having created a topic, I was able to retrieve some information like SEO Title with:

$classPost = new classPost( ipsRegistry::instance() );
$topic = $classPost->getTopicData();


I have found how to create a topic on IPS 4 with:

$topic = \IPS\forums\Topic::createItem($member, $member->ip_address, \IPS\DateTime::ts( time() ), $forum );
$topic->title = $topic_title;
$post = \IPS\forums\Topic\Post::create($topic_title, $topic_content, TRUE, NULL, TRUE, $member, \IPS\DateTime::ts( time() ));
$topic->topic_firstpost = $post->pid;

Is there a way to retrieve some information on the recently created topic?

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