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(VN41) Surface Dark


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1 hour ago, Agent Shark said:

Hey Veilon, 

I am having issues where the reaction buttons (like, thanks, etc) do not show an image. Only image on site not showing. Any ideas?

Can provide more details in a PM attaching screenshots and access to the forum ?

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I have the slider enabled on my front page.  When a user logs in, they're redirected to http://www.hinterlandforums.com/?_fromLogin=1 and whey they log out they're redirected to http://www.hinterlandforums.com/?_fromLogout=1 and the slider doesn't show on those pages.  It is possible to enable the slider on those urls?

Thanks for your help!


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8 hours ago, WhipTide said:

Cant seem to change logo.

To display the standard logo You need to go to ACP -> Surface Theme settings -> Other -> Text logo OFF

8 hours ago, WhipTide said:

Every time i reload the veilon.css it fixes the icons but like 5 mins later it changes back to the squares.

Try to enable and disable the designer mode . Continue to repeat the steps of updating the template styles. I can't figure out why this happens.. I wrote about it to the developers, but unfortunately did not receive specific answers.

8 hours ago, WhipTide said:

Color in chat box text is black

#cbInput_container input { color: #FFF; }


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On 19.09.2017 at 10:08 PM, Dolphin. said:

Yo @Veilon

Enable Images Icons - now working after uploaded my custom icons, just blank place

Enable Layout Row Max Width (px) - not working

data-pageApp='forums' data-pageModule='forums' data-pageController='index' - missing from body tag

Hi. Thank you for found error. This weekend will try to upload the update to fix all errors.

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11 hours ago, RyanP said:

When i use the Zeron theme, seems to work just fine from this picture: 5IlKd8m.jpg

But when i use the Surface dark theme, the tittle of the post glitches out: 234L8TF.jpg

Hello! Please provide in PM the link to the website version of the forum and style You are using.

Edited by Veilon
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@Veilon Hey, my members and I really enjoy your themes but it causes a huge trouble with the template cache systems and messes with uploads.

Bugs found:

  • Blocks added not being saved (ex. add gallary statistics to front page, press finish editing, refresh and its gone)
  • Images and uploads not being recognized. (uploading profile pictures, saying its not the right file extension)
  • Footer social links are not dissapearing, no settings for it
  • Sticky header on a small screen makes the account dropdown and menu links overlap and cause a big UI mess
  • Menu link FA icons are buggy mess

I am unable to use your theme until its fixed


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Issue with the search bar via Beta Update. Any idea how to fix the issue? d221f3beccc75cc87b85aa9b1c07bc51.png



EDIT: Looks like it broke a couple of other things such as "Search the Community" page when you search members & The dropdown menu on your account 



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