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Setting Article Database Permissions


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I am having a problem with the Articles database. I use this database to store my articles which are shown on the front page of the website with one of the templates that IPS 4 ships with (3 columns and featured image). At the moment all article records are visible to all members and guests of the site. 

I want to start adding premium content in the Articles database that will only be accessible to subscribing members. I can do this by creating a database category and setting custom permissions on that category so that only members in the subscriber group can see the articles. This works. 


If I do that the index of articles on the home page hides the articles that the non-subscribers can't access. I don't want this to happen because I want the non-subscribers to see those article listings but when they click on them be shown a "Subscribe" message (the message is easy). This seems like a fairly rational thing to do with your website, but I cannot figure out how to set this up in v4 of the software. Maybe I'm missing something? In v3 I would have created a custom block and this would have been a cinch but the template system in v4 is so radically changed I just can't figure out how to make a template that looks like the one used by the articles database. 

Is anyone able to assist me with this using the articles database settings or at least point me in the direction of some kind of template manual for v4 so I can make a block that does what I want? 

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