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Add a "Mark Thread as Unread" Feature


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I am militant about keeping all of our threads organized - I have each one indexed. Often, someone will start a new thread, and I'll open it, only to realize that I then must spend the next several minutes putting it in our index. 

Within the past few years, most email systems have installed a feature like, "Mark Email as Unread," and it would be a wonderful thing (for me, anyway) to have that same feature for Admins, who open threads, and then regret that they opened them. 

I suspect this is a *very* easy upgrade, and I'm hopeful that other Admins may obtain benefit from it as well.

Best regards,
Don Rockwell


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I remember similar discussion for 3.4 and it turned out it is very difficult to do, because of the way 3.x was designed. Hopefully for 4.h it is easier. It is always difficult when you are just browsing the community and you suddenly stumble upon a thread that needs time to be organized or requiring a long well thought reply. It will be much easier if you can simply mark it as unread to save it for later, instead of creating off-site reminders, browser bookmarks, etc. 

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