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LDAP / External database integration


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I have set up a kind of SSO on my website, based on IPS 3.4 users. If a user is authenticated on IPS, he can browse some other areas.
Everything changed with IPS 4, and fed up of trying to understand how IPS Connect works to make it working, I am almost ready to redesign the SSO from scracth with a LDAP directory or external database.
I'd like to know how IPS interacts with LDAP or external DB.

  • How the groups are managed in IPS, are they read from the external source ?
  • Is an user created automatically into IPS when an authenticated user goes to the forums ?
  • Can I prevent an authenticated user to browse the forums, based on his group ?
  • Can I tell IPS the user has logged out the external source to appear as logged out in the forums ?
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