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Create global album follow button


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I'm trying to implement a button across all gallery images (we only have one main album), that would essentially act as a 'YouTube subscribe' button. So that when users are on an image/video page, they see a button with language along the lines of 'Follow for more videos', but that's not the important part. The issue I can't figure out is how to statically use the id of the album. So far I have:

{template="follow" app="core" group="global" params="'gallery', 'album', $album->_id, $followerCount"}

So what I would like help with is:

  1. How to use a static ID instead of a variable ($album->_id).
  2. Optional: How to change the lang for this follow button. I imagine that would mean making a 'follow_alt' template or something.
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