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Additonal fields/enhancements for Categories


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 I  would like to see Categories enhanced with a Category Image and Extended Description added. The Category Image would be displayed as a thumbnail/icon on lists of categories, while the Extended Description could be optionally displayed above the listing of subcategories or pages/records to further describe what the next level of the "tree" includes, and prompt the user to drill down further in the structure.

Perhaps this could be done with Custom Fields for a Category, in addition to the current Form Fields.  It appears that Form Fields is limited to creating input forms for the users, while what I am suggesting is used for displaying the categories themselves.   

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I agree. With the option to set any number of fields for Pages databases, the options for categories feel rather limited. What I missed so far on my current sites:

  • main image for categories, like there is a record image for database records. An image that can be used as thumbnail while listing categories and maybe as header while viewing the category itself. The Commerce categories have an image for example. 
  • filter option. Again, just like databases fields can be used for filtering, a filter on the category level would be nice. 
    • A) as an option to filter category fields (which aren’t available yet)
    • B) as an option for record filter fields on the category level. Imagine a book directory with categories for genres and a filter for book language for example. If I pick a language, all categories with records that don’t have books in that language will be hidden. (At the moment I would have to open each genre separately and apply the filter over and over again in each category.)
  • category icons. Just like in the forums, there should be an open to choose a Fontawesome icon for each category or upload an image. 
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