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Coming "home"...

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Hi there,

because of a serious illness in the middle of the year, i had no time to manage all my Websites... Because of some announcements i changed the Software to an other vendor for some of my sites (not all) and thought, it was a good idea... Yes, everything worked, but... to many controversies in their community all the time, really bad managment and massive censorship on their community.

I also plan some new projects and heavily need a feature like IPS.Connect... And yes, i missed the People and the Company here (i still had licenses active and still did/do the Translation to german).
Today, i really got angry about their behavior against their own community (not personal against me) and recovered a backup from my old IPS-Installation. Before that, i did a domainchange of a still active license here and installed a new IPS-Instance there (a new Project)... I checked, if i can handle all the things with IPS and YES. I just renewed my license for my old site... And, YEAH... it feels like coming home :)

All i want to say: After all the experiences i made, i really KNOW you do a brilliant Job (Sometimes you learn to appreciate something when you do not have it anymore). The other vendor was a lot of cheaper, but... i really like to pay a bit more and will be treated right.

I think i will never do this misstake again to move licenses away :)

Cheers guys, thanks for being here and happy Holidays :)


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42 minutes ago, liquidfractal said:

In my experience, the #1 rule of web stuff: it's almost always worth paying a little bit more $ to sleep easier with good, professional support.

This is why my CMS software is IPS and my VPS provider is vpslatch/DimeNOC.  Two top-notch companies, hands down.

Cannot agree more with this, and with the OP. IPS 4 lyfe. :p

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