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Your IP address does not match this session


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Weirdly, this error cropped up today 'Your IP address does not match this session'.

I have deleted my browsers files, cache, cookies - the lot. No difference, I have tried alternative browsers on my laptop and I have the same issue. So I tried logging in via my mobile and I managed to get in (this is on the same internet connection as my laptop). I've restarted my machine and I'm still unable to bypass the annoying message.

In the end I enabled 'Trust IP addresses provided by proxies?' via my mobile and I was able to proceed, however I am a little unsure if this is actually safe to do. I don't get why all of a sudden my sites having an hard time with this, it seems a bug but I am unable to find anything searching it and I am currently unable to renew this sites license (due to Christmas). It's a bill I would rather avoid considering, so I'm hoping someone might be able to assist me.

I've never experienced this at all, no issues what-so-ever.


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1 hour ago, 0xMerlin said:

I'm having this same issue. It happens frequently and is very annoying. It seems to only affect me when i have an ipv6 address. I don't want to disable ip checking but would think that it would work with ipv6 as well.

Have a look at this. It might help.


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