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    • By Varanormal
      I have several questions:
      1. How do I integrate Mailchimp into hosted IPS??
      2. On hosted IPS are there any options for Newsletter signup similar to monsterpopup? (Popup screen to register)
      If I understand correctly only forum members can sign up to ips Newsletter. If true that nixes built in Newsletter for me.
    • By HeadStand
      Allows the Administrator to create, edit and manage custom newsletters and their content. Forms of content such as Latest Topics or Latest Blog Entries can automatically be distributed without the Administrator having to do more than set-up the newsletter and let it run.

      Administrator can create custom titles and content for newsletters to be distributed Administrator can set automatic intervals for newsletter distribution (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Anually), or a manual customized distribution date. Allows Administrator to set which groups of people will receive newsletter (Members, Administrators, Moderators, etc.) OR an opt-in newsletter Allows Administrator to create multiple pending issues of newsletter Administrator has ability to view all back issues of newsletter Allows for multiple content types based on the IPS components installed in the current environment Newsletters can be distributed in plain-text or HTML format Members can subscribe/unscribe to any available newsletters at any time Members can decide which format (plain-text or HTML) they would like to receive Administrators can customize the HTML layout and CSS for each Newsletter Web view of all newsletter issues Customizable content for each block for each newsletter Club Newsletters Custom advertising locations  
    • By wegorz23
      Hi i was trying to disable newsletter and other notifications sending to our users to e-mails.
      Years ago and by small error some of users have in e-mail field some random numbers and other stuff.
      This is preventing us to efficiently send a nesletters and  notifications causes mass of errors and once in a while causes blocking our smtp sender e-mail. (By provider)
      Thats why we want to disable e-mail notifiactons on that realy simple script to update records on database should do they thing.
      We also have list of that records but cannot find where this setting is write on database. eg. ID member and settings that newsletter is turned on or turned off.
      (Have list of emails that didn't exist and that broken too.)
      Can someone direct us to a solution on that, or simply say wher we should search for that ?
      (sending 80 000 e-mails as newsletter of which comes only 30% of that)
      Like that :

    • By Dexter_X
      Sometimes you need to send an e-mail to your users that is not a newsletter : some important informations regarding your community life or setup. It could be useful to have a "ignore newsletter registration" option in the bulk e-mail filters.
      Maybe there is already a plug-in allowing that (?).
      Thankyou for your attention,
    • By Spanner
      Create and manage newsletters using community content with the most powerful Newsletter app in the Marketplace. 
      Create unlimited newsletters with different mailing lists Make a one-time newsletter or recurring newsletter (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Use custom templates, custom content, blocks, and community content to populate the newsletter Generate a steady and organic source of traffic by encouraging repeat visits from users using newsletters. 
      Advanced Features
      (SD) Newsletter comes with advanced features that no other newsletter application in the Marketplace matches:
      Double Opt-In:  Enable an extra step to verify email to confirm the newsletter subscription. Spam Settings: Use spam filters from IPS Spam Service and Stop Forum Spam to clean out sign-ups from email addresses. Auto-Welcome: Send out automated welcome and goodbye messages when subscribing and unsubscribing. A/B Testing: Use A/B testing per newsletter to attract the highest open rates. Statistics:  Advanced metrics per newsletter to track number of views and clicks. GDPR Complaint: Every newsletter can add its own rules and regulations regarding data processing Features
      The newsletter supports content from all IPS applications including Forum, Pages, Gallery, Downloads, Commerce, Blogs, and Calendar.
      Creating and send one-time newsletter Create and send recurring newsletter Statistics: Track newsletter opens Statistics: Track newsletter clicks Ability to delete email from ACP Ability to subscribe / unsubscribe to specific newsletter Ability to create own custom block in recurring newsletter Ability to reorder block Sign-up block Automated welcome and goodbye mesages Member list subscribed to newsletter type Import current subscribers to new newsletter type Turn off content in newsletter type (will show only content title) Newsletter categories Test send newsletter type Autoresponder Ability to unsubscribe or edit subscriptions in user control panel Ability to import existing members Ability to export subscribers Ability to turn off regulation Manual send of recurring newsletter Unsubscribe from a specific newsletter Double-opt Public view of newsletter Ability to select and delete multiple addresses at the same time Filtering by categories in newsletters type Filter members before import them to base Tests A/B newsletter subjects Support for new tags (current day, current month, current year) in newsletter subject and content Floating bar for newsletter sign-up Ability to embed a subscription form (oEmbed) Ability to add information about data processing to the subscription form (information about the personal data administrator, information clauses in accordance with the GDPR) Ability to import forum users using the double verification option (double opt-in) Ability to filter email addresses by status: active, inactive Ability to automatically clean unvalidated addresses after X days Changes in the newsletter adding/editing form Ability to filter email addresses by status: unsubscribed Date of unsubscribing on the list of addresses Ability to disable registration to the newsletter in the registration form Ability to add content from clubs Ability to manage newsletter templates Record in the user's history (subscription to the newsletter, confirmation of the newsletter, unsubscribing from the newsletter) Ability to place an ad in the newsletter (uses built-in functionality in Invision Community)  
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