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Showing Who You Follow


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Hello IPS,


I'm not sure if you all have heard this one before, but being able to view who you Follow would be super nice!

I run a fairly large website where users post a lot, which really racks up the Notifications if you FOLLOW a lot of people.

And members are constantly asking me to see a list of the members they Follow. But the only list available is a list of members who Follow you.

I don't really see the purpose of only having the one, but not the other. Can you all please add this feature? :D


EXAMPLE (Directly from IPS)


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8 minutes ago, Simon Woods said:

You can get this through "Manage Followed Content" and choosing the "Members" filter. Another way would be to go to, for example on this site, to this URL: https://invisionpower.com/followed/?type=core_member&change_section=1

Basically, add "followed/?type=core_member&change_section=1" to the end of your site's URL and you should see that.


Ah, but then only you personally can see it.

I want it to be an option to make it public. Like Follower is now

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13 minutes ago, Simon Woods said:

Ah! Okay, I get it now. When you mentioned notifications I assumed you meant for personal use, since a public list of who you follow doesn't seem to have any bearing on the issue of high volume notifications.


Oh you are correct, it doesn't have any bearing.

So the things you suggested is going to be great to tell my members from now on. :D 

But it doesn't completely help me, because I want it visible for others as well.

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