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My demo version works amazing. When I bought it because I liked it, It was not working as it was before. I want my try version copied to here, my demo version is (http://c83518.try.invisionpower.com/). The problem is there is no security check. Also when I go into easy mode editor, it's totally overlapped with this premium version account. The demo account works just fine. How can I just simply reset the account?

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6 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

He tried the demo - he liked it. He bought the software - his live version doesn't work like the demo. He wants to reset his live version (see all the topics he has raised on here looking for help?)

Suggest contacting support for assistance.


6 hours ago, AndyF said:

I'm slightly confused by your post. :)

You wanted to reset the 'demo' ? , the easy way to do that is to just ignore it, let it expire and / or sign up for a new demo.


 I fixed it the only problem is I cannot figure out how to make subforms is there anyway I can do that? 

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