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Comments and Ratings Setting


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I noticed this in gallery and downloads when creating or editing categories. You can have ratings on and reviews off but there is nowhere to rate an item...no stars anywhere. If you turn on reviews, then you can rate if its on. Am I missing something? I guess I was looking to allow the star ratings without turning on reviews. If I'm not missing anything and this is the way its designed, its confusing and I would think you shouldn't be able to turn on ratings without having reviews on. (I hope I'm wrong though)

ratings reviews.JPG

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1 hour ago, Joel R said:

Check your membergroup permissions.  

Reviews are similar to comments, and should be independent of the star ratings.  

Exactly my point. In permissions, you can allow or disallow reviews. There is separate group setting for Can give star ratings for content? I have them allowed for each member group and they are on per the above screenshot in categories for gallery and downloads but stars are nowhere to be found. The stars are only above the review form. It seems if you have reviews off in categories, no stars are available for rating.

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