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Please add a rotate pic option

Square Wheels

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I've asked before but the thread got filled up with the submit a ticket responses, only to hear that the software is working as designed.

Here's a post where a user gets some right some sideways.


I am running the current version, but this has been happening for years and is very frustrating.

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1 hour ago, Charles said:

IPS4 is designed to check the EXIF options on an image and properly orientate the image to vertical. If that is not working please submit a ticket so we can look and see why it's not working for you.

An image rotation option for uploads is a useful feature despite these technical problems. 

There aren’t just portraits and landscape images with correct orientation information. On my sites people often upload pictures of book or magazine pages, which are shot with the phone held horizontally over the item laying on a table. The image orientation information of such pictures is then rather worthless and looking at rotated or even upside down pages after the upload is not very helpful. 

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  • Management

We are certainly open to the idea of a rotate image feature but before we added something like that we would want to make sure the built-in orientation feature is working properly. Otherwise you would just be hiding a problem with a new feature.

In each case that someone has talked about pictures not rotating it has been because the EXIF function was not enable in PHP on their server. We are going to make a future release point that out as recommended and explain what will happen if it's not there (pics will not understand "up" properly).

Please, please, please submit a ticket if you have any issues with your IPS Community Suite. All too often I see people talking here on the forums for weeks or months about an issue and refusing to submit a ticket. Once they finally do we have it sorted in a day. We really are quite helpful :) 

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In my concern, I have no issue.
The EXIF function is working well

But lots of my user do scans, or take photos like this : 


And sometimes, the coin si like this one : 


They don't know where is the head and where is the foot ;)

So a moderator comes and rotate the picture. But for now it is complicated : edit the message, download the photo, open photoshop, rotate, save, upload the new photo

A built in % rotate function would be a very nice addon and it is complementary than the Exif function

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