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Email service problems.


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I have recently been having some problems with the forum generated emails.  

New registrations have been contacting me, half a dozen in the last 2 days, and looking through the log, no hotmail user has registered for a while.  

It seems that my registration emails are being junked, and in some instances not even reaching the junk mail.

How can i resolve this?  

I originally set up a new email address for my forum so all outgoing mail is thegrandalliancecommunity@gmail.com and its all running through email section on the forum dashboard.

I have seen some posts on here about using an email provider.  Should i be using one?  I see that mail chimp now charge for theirs, is it the best option? I would prefer to pay and know its good then try and find a free option that is not as effective.  


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If you have your site setup to use a gmail address you must ensure you are using SMTP for your outgoing email with that same gmail account or it will fail validation that most mail servers check before accepting email.   If you are, then you shouldn't see these issues. Hotmail/Microsoft often block many valid emails though, it's the nature of a free email system that spammers and everyone abuses, they try and tighten things down since their system is full of spammers due to it being free, it's a pretty common issue.



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