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Reason for Edit (modify)


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Hello, Can anyone guide me to do this or css code modification?
Was this possible?

This I mean

for example

Last edited by (name) Today, 8:51 PM. Reason: This is the TEST!   (This feature is e.g. vBulletin platform)
(But only Admin do that)

<Input type = "text" name = "comment_edit_reason" value = "Custom: The test" id = "elInput_comment_edit_reason" maxlength = "255">

Could a field "box" to replace the text?

muokattu syy kuva 2.jpeg

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Sorry, but that just confuses me more. Are you now saying that you want the 'Reason for edit' box to only appear when an administrator edits a post, and not when a moderator or the actual poster themselves edit the post?

Use words, not pictures, to explain things - the first post has an IPS screenshot and I've taken to mean what I post in my first reply. And your most recent post explains something different.


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I'm sorry, apologies. This is hard to explain because there are bad english. Forget the second image. If you are using vBulletin forum so you know what I mean.

I mean this. Only maintenance can edit and write the reason for the edit. Member could not do the same thing, but can edit him own posts ?

Thank you Nathan

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