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Send Google conversion tracking when rules are checked

Michal Mroz

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I'm trying to set up a Google conversion tracking in my store. I can easily add it to the payment button with onClick attribute and it works almost great.

<button type='submit' class='ipsButton ipsButton_important ipsButton_veryLarge ipsButton_fullWidth' onClick="ga('send', 'event', 'przycisk', 'zamow', {'nonInteraction': true});"><i class='fa fa-check-circle'></i> {{if $amountToPay->amount->compare( $invoice->total->amount ) !== 0}}{lang="confirm_and_pay_split" sprintf="$amountToPay"}{{else}}{lang="confirm_and_pay"}{{endif}}</button>

However, it counts all clicks - even those when rules are not accepted. I'd like to set up a condtional, so GA code would only fire if Rules were checked. How can I make it?

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