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Recover from delete

Luca Barzelogna

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4 hours ago, Luca Barzelogna said:

Hi All,

I have a problem with my board 3.8.4 , made a mistake and delete 100000 topics. Now when I try to read a deleted topic I see that it exist and a button ask to me if I want to  recover it .

Is possible to recover all the topics in one time?





That's a lot of posts Luca,
I'd restore a current backup of your site. If you can go back to a backup right before the moment you deleted those posts that would be optimal. You may need to go back to a week instead of a day depending on when your backups are pulled, it's best to just do that even though you may lose some current posts that happened from the time you deleted those posts to now, that's better however than not having those posts at all.. Hope this helps some

Kind Rgeards

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14 minutes ago, Luca Barzelogna said:


I don't have any backup... the website is www.et3.it

Does your host have a backup?

If not, I'm not saavy on 3.4 anymore and can't remember some things. I'd submit a ticket to IPB quick and see if they can give guidance on tasks and possibly stopping one until you can get this sorted.

Next - Enable backups immediately and never ever go without backups regularly.

Kind Regards

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12 hours ago, Joy Rex said:

Assuming you deleted these via SQL query, it may be possible to find out how the topics are flagged as deleted and run a query to set the "deleted" flag or whatever it is to 1/0 or true/false.

Yes, this is what I'm searching for. But I don't find anything like "trash bin" or "delete" fields in the database.. Anyone know where is flagged the delete option?I mean the field where find the "Deleting" option



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