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I believe I am missing something obvious, and I can't quite put my finger on it. If anyone could offer some suggestions I would be greatly appreciative. I recently purchased IP Forums.  I am running a wordpress, memberpress membership website. 

I'm in testing phase. I have a fake account that I'm testing things from. I have it set up where there is a tab in my membership website that members can click on "community" and access the forums.  Works in all browsers. Great!   Yea!

However, when I'm logged in as an administrator, I'm not able to access the forums anymore.  When I click on community, it prompts me to log in, when I do, it sends me back to my membership dashboard.  It's a loop.    So, signed in as a member, this does NOT happen. Signed in as an administrator it does. Weird.

I wasn't finished with working on the forums layout and such.  I used to be able to access the IP dashboard from the forums menu, but now I cannot access that to continue working on building the forums.   Yet,when i'm logged in as a regular user there is no issue reaching the forums.  Just strange.

What I've tried:
* Different browsers
* Logging out, deleting cookies/cache, logging back in a little later that day. 

What am I missing? Has anyone else had this issue?


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