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Add tag support for posts feed in Pages app


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I have a posts feed widget on a page for a game on my site. The posts feed widget doesn't have any sort of applicable filter for tags and thus we're having to use a separate forum for news on this page. We want to run a single forum for all of our news to de-clutter the forum (something I've been working on over the last 1.5 years). 


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OK, so I take it that there is definitely currently no way to pull the forum tags into the posts/topic feed in pages? Is this correct, can someone clarify? I've been searching all day to figure out how to do it... Am I wasting my time searching? lol

Any definitive answer would be much appreciated!

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how you prefer store tags:

- on title -> [tag1][tag2][tag3] original title ?

- on description -> #tag1,#tag2 with space,#tag3

....content of article/comment....

- on <category> tag -> <category>tag1</category>



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