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4.1.17 notifications issue


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When someone quotes you it doesn't tell you what topic you were quoted in. It just says 'username quoted you in a topic'. 

It didn't used to do this and it's not consistent with other notifications. I.e. If someone likes one of your posts - it tells you what topic it was in. 

Is there any way to resolve this? 

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9 minutes ago, Colonel_mortis said:

Go into ACP->customization->languages, then click the globe "translate" button on the relevant row (probably "English (USA)"). In the search box, enter the keys (one at at time), and in the "English (USA)" textarea, enter the corrected version.

Screenshot from 2016-12-07 15-26-30.png

Thank you very much. The notifications are now showing the topic names on my site.

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3 hours ago, Colonel_mortis said:

Edit the language and find notification__new_mention and notification__new_quote. At the end of each of those, add ": %s", so the mention becomes becomes "{!#[?:%s mentioned you in]} %s: %s".

That worked. Thanks so much! ?

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