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Feature Request: Admin Export/Copy Private/Public Chat Logs

Vegan Gaymer

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We are a community that holds a lot of online classes and lectures using a chat client, both for private sessions and in public classes. After each session, we need to post to our forum and email out a copy of the transcript to participating students.

Currently we are forced to use a third-party chat platform and disable the IPS chat feature if we want to have a clean copy of a chat log that we can either copy or export it in a way that can be posted or emailed.

Can we get this copy/export option for IPS Chat so that we can save chats per session? I would love to get away from replacing your chat system with a third-party chat.

We are on the Cloud Platform.


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Just now, GrownAssGaymer said:

Oh... wow. So no matter what, we should stick with 3rd Party Chat? Or is a new alternative being developed?

You'll want to stick to a 3rd party option as there won't be an alternative developed.  I don't have the topic where it was discussed, but they did recommend a few alternatives as IPS Chat is going away. 

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On 12/6/2016 at 2:00 PM, Simon Woods said:

As far as IPS recommendations go, I'd advise you read that topic.


Thank you for the link! I read through the thread and only really found Babble and Arrowchat as recommendations. Neither are workable for a community that holds online classes, but they are great for integrated quick messaging. I use CometChat for that, and I use IRC embeds for our classes since they can save and export transcripts. I wish I could just use one service. I wonder why it's so hard to create an integrated chat that also keeps transcripts for exporting.

Anyway, I really appreciate the helpful feedback and updates. Thanks for taking time to clue me in.

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