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Fix erroneous link info


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Hi. On IPS Board I've just noticed a less than ideal behaviour, which might be nice to adjust if practical?

By default the Contact Us link opens the built in contact form. In settings - System/Contact us, there is an option to send users to a URL instead. I have selected this option and entered a contact me link from a totally different domain of mine.

This link works OK. But when a user hovers over the "Contact Us" link they are shown that the link goes to MyDomain/Forums/contact - but the link is directed to the link I have specified instead which is A_totallydifferentDomain/contact.php. 

Although everything works. Would you agree it's not ideal to tell users a link will go to one place but send them somewhere else when clicked? I appreciate a lot of links can be redirected on the internet, but could the code not check to see if the built in form has been redirected in settings, and display the proper destination instead?

It's probably not a vital issue, but what if some hacker redirected the contact us link to some reallynastysounding domain? At least people hovering over the link would be able to see and decide it sounds not right before clicking? Also, it's more courteous and good practice to show them the real destination when we can see from settings it is different?


Many thanks




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